Our goal is to provide and maintain a successful physician-patient relationship. Letting you know in advance of our Financial Office Policy allows for a good flow of communication and enables us to achieve our goal. Please read our financial policy carefully and if you have any questions, please call our office or email our Billing Specialist.


You must provide proof of current insurance at every visit as well as update your demographics. If we are your primary care physician, make sure our name or phone number appears on your card. If we are not your designated PCP at the time of the visit, you will be financially responsible for all charges.

You are responsible for any and all co-payments, deductibles and co-insurances as required by your insurance company at the time of service. A $15.00 processing fee will be added, in addition to your copay, if the copay is not paid at the time of visit.

If our physicians do not participate with your insurance plan, payment in full is expected from you at the time of your office visit. For scheduled appointments, prior balances must be paid prior to the visit.

Before making an annual physical appointment, check with your insurance company to verify they will cover a healthy visit. Not all plans cover annual wellness physicals. It is your responsibility to know your insurance plan benefits. If the visit is not covered, you will be responsible for payment.

If you have no insurance, payment in full is due at the time of the visit


All fees generated are the responsibility of the patient.

Patient balances are billed immediately upon receipt of your insurance plan's explanation of benefits. Your remittance is due within 15 business days of your receipt of your bill. A finance charge of 1.7% will be added monthly to any unpaid balance.

We require 24-hour notice for canceling any appointment, or a $25 no-show fee will apply.

A $25.00 fee will be charged for any checks returned for insufficient funds, plus any bank fees incurred.

We charge $1.00 per page for copying of medical records.

If you/your child have disability forms, school forms, camp forms, sports physical forms, etc. to be completed there is a $10.00 charge per form. Payment is due when the forms are dropped off. We have a one week turn-around time to complete these forms. Immunizations records are required.

Collection Agency

Balances over 60 days will be turned over to a collection agency. Should your account be referred to collections, you will be subject to a fee of $50.00 or 20% of your balance, whichever is greater. This may result in possible discharge from the practice.


We require 72-hours advance notice for all non-emergent referrals. It is your responsibility to know if a selected specialist participates in your plan. Remember your primary physician must approve referrals before being issued.