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About CPC+

Sea Girt Medical Associates, P.C. is excited to announce our participation in the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Program, or CPC+ for short. CPC+ focus is on increasing the comprehensiveness and quality of care at primary care sites for Medicare patients. The program will run from 2017 thru 2021.

What does this mean to me?

You may receive a phone call from our care coordinator nurse to discuss enrolling in monthly phone calls to discuss your health conditions. These phone calls are free to you and are intended to provide us with a more complete record of how your health is progressing. You may also be asked to be on Patient Councils whose task is to meet and discuss ways that Sea Girt Medical Associates can improve the quality of the care its provides. These councils are completely optional. You may get an occasional survey in the mail as well.

You may read more about it by clicking on the CPC+ logo below.